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Online registration is now open for 2021!  

All District 66 staff are invited to submit their application HERE

All applications are due to your building principal by April 6, 2021

For more information and to apply:  Click here 

2020 Grants Awarded

Community Garden: Elizabeth Ide

Funding the first year butterfly garden to enhance the current K-2 curriculum through a more hands-on approach.  Students will receive practical, reality-based learning, by connecting lessons and activities to the natural world.  The will also expose students to opportunities for hands-on environmental learning, inquiry, observation, and experimentation.

Supplemental Curriculum: 1st Grade, Elizabeth Ide

Funding decodable texts and number racks to help the 1st graders apply their phonetic skills and provide hands-on manipulatives to develop their number sense.

Focus on Photography: Lakeview

Funding 12 Canon digital camera kits giving the Lakeview students the opportunity to explore digital art through encore rotations.  Students will learn the art elements and principles of photography and composing well thought out photographs.  They will refine their photography skills through a focus on composition and light, practice various genres of photography such as portraiture and photojournalism.

2019 Grants Awarded

Board Maker Program for Special Education

BoardMaker is an online research-based program where teachers can search and print out Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Supports (Visuals) for any students who need it. This program will support students with individualized education plans, students with communication needs, and social emotional needs. It can be used by any special education teacher to support any student or staff (for their students) with visual needs.


Global Read Aloud: 7th Grade, Lakeview

Teachers from around the world vote and choose an engaging book at the Middle School level. The novel is divided into "chunks" and classrooms around the world read the same pages each week, for six-eight weeks. Teachers use Facebook to make connections with other teachers and classrooms. The benefit of this program is that our seventh graders will become part of a global community of readers, fostering enthusiasm for the book and reading process.

Flexible Work Spaces: 4th Grade, Prairieview

Continued research has shown that the student work space may just as influential and important as the seating. Funding has been provided for two 4th grade classrooms to adapt work spaces to the new innovative techniques and strategies of future classrooms. The designs will have a focus on collaborative learning and engagement.  Intended benefits are that students will be more engaged, collaborate more, and as a result positively impact student achievement as well as SEL (Social/Emotional) needs.

Let's Rock: Guitar Classes: Lakeview

This grant funds guitars and instruction materials for Lakeview Junior High School students.  This will increase the music offerings to the students. They will be able to build upon the string skills learned at Prairieveiw with ukuleles and it will give students who are not involved with band or choir the opportunity to be engaged in music.

Fun and Flexible Learning: 1st Grade, Prairieview

We already know that students need opportunities to get their "wiggles" out within their school day and need to regulate their body to learn best. This grant will allow teachers to purchase flexible seating options for their students.


Differentiated Seating Through Choice: Special Education Classrooms

Providing choice in how they learn will positively impact their academic and SEL growth. Students will also have a positive association with the intervention block allowing them to feel empowered and in control instead of feeling defeated and helpless. This shift in mindset will increase the chances of developing a love for literacy across disciplines creating a lifelong learner.


2018 Grants Awarded

Quiet on the Set!: 1st Grade, Elizabeth Ide

Using the school provided iPads for recording and video creation.  


Supporting Soft Start Success: 3rd - 5th Grade, Prairieview

With the start of the 2018-2019 school year, each classroom at Prairieview will be implementing a Soft Start time to begin the day.  In implementing Soft Starts, a critical need is getting high interest materials that students are drawn to and will get them excited about being at school from the second they walk in our door each morning. The grant money will be used to purchase supplies for activities that give our students this excited feeling.  These materials will provide hands on opportunities, spark creativity, and allow students to engage in collaborative games, grow socially and emotionally, dive deeper into STEM, and to be critical thinkers with inquiry-based activities.

Flipped Classroom: 3th - 5th Grade, Prairieview

Using the Flipped Classroom model is one of the techniques that can be used to help increase the use of modification and redefinition in our classrooms, no matter what subject or skill is being taught.  It empowers students to take ownership of their learning, challenges them to be collaborative, and helps develop social and emotional skills, especially within the public speaking realm.  In a Flipped Classroom model, teachers record a video of the lesson or skill being taught.  Students receive instruction on the various ways to watch the video, and us the video to take notes.  Through gradual release, student eventually become responsible for watching the videos and taking notes for homework.  This leads to using class time the next day for more engaging activities such as station work to practice the skill or project/problem based activities for application of the skill.  This also allows the teacher to meet with small groups of students to provide support enrichment as needed. 


Read & Ride in the Library: Prairieview & Lakeview

An additional bike will be placed at a strategic location in one of the libraries and available for students to use in a multitude of situations. For example: Teachers may send students down when they are independently working as an incentive, or if they notice a student who has a need to get up and move will still getting work done.  Additionally, students can use the bikes during regularly scheduled checkout time in the library or on a sign-up basis during Flex/Recess time. Teachers are also encouraged to use the machine during planning or work time.

Mirror & Window Texts: 7th Grade, Lakeview

In order to help students become culturally responsible citizens, we need books that will best serve diverse students, their families, and their communities. We need books that will address diversity and expand our students’ worldview, increase cultural competency, and encourage reading.  Lakeview students need to encounter texts that can empower and enlighten them. Students will feel empowered when they engage with a "mirror" book, a book in which they see a reflection of their identity and experiences. Furthermore, students will become enlightened when they encounter a "window" book, a book in which students get a sense of an unfamiliar identity or experience. Sometimes, books are the only place where readers may meet people who are different or who offer alternative worldviews. With access to mirror texts, students will be able to see that their narrative matters, and with access to window texts, students will learn to understand and appreciate the narratives of others.


Composting Bins at Lakeview: 6th – 8th Grade, Lakeview (co-written by Sara Homberg, LV Class of 2018)

This compost bin would provide an ongoing lesson in both the amount of food wasted and how to reuse materials as food for gardens and the yard.  With over 40% of food going into the trash, a composting bin will help students become conscientious of the food they throw away.


Flying Our Way to Being Producers in a Technological World: 6th - 8th Grade, Lakeview 

In line with the strategic plan, one of the goals of the STEM program at Lakeview Junior High is for students to have opportunities to step out of their roles as consumers of technology and into the role of a producer in the technological world. The world of technology is ever changing. An area of constant change and innovation is through the use of drones. Drones are used from real estate to crime fighting, from wedding photography to protecting wildlife, from delivering packages to assisting first responders; the possibilities are really endless. Providing our students with the opportunities to plan, code, and fly small scale drone missions in the classroom will give them a glimpse into the ever-evolving way that drones are being used in the real world.  Additionally, a recent survey of Lakeview students shows that if

topics were added to STEM class, students overwhelming have an interest in learning about and flying drone missions.

2017 Grants Awarded

Future Ready Learning: 1st Grade, Elizabeth Ide

The 1st grade team has dedicated time to writing curriculum that includes science, social studies and SEL components based upon the Next Generation Science Standards. Feeding off the success of the STEAM event from 2016, it has been determined there is a need to further the students learning in STEM related areas. The 1st grade team will receive 25 Ozobot starter kits for the STEAM coding unit.  And, each classroom (6 total) will receive 5 Hokki stools to enhance learning and SEL needs.


Flexible Seating for 3rd Grade: 3rd Grade, Prairieview

We already know that students need opportunities to get their "wiggles" out within their school day and need to regulate their body to learn best. The wiggle stool has proven to be the best way for students to get movement while not being distracting to the learning of themselves or others. Each 3rd grade classroom (6 total) will be receiving 5 wiggle stools to increase motivation and attentiveness of the students in order to learn.


Student Digital Portfolios in Art: 3rd – 5th Grade, Prairieview

The Art room will receive 2 iPads and cases to allow for more students to take part in the Artsonia program where they are able to create digital portfolios of their artwork to share with friends and family.

4th Grade Wheels, Levers & Pulleys: 4th Grade, Prairieview

The 4th grade team has determined a need to recommence the field trip to The Wheels, Levers & Pulleys (Simple Machines) Learning Lab from DuPage Children's Museum in order to offer the students an opportunity to participate in a hands-on, interactive learning experience. The students discover how simple machines make work easier, faster, or both. This program supplements the 4th grade Science curriculum and addresses the new Next Generation Science Standards.


It Starts with Hello: 6th – 8th Grade, Lakeview

Middle school can be a scary and difficult time in kids' lives. This program is designed to equip Lakeview students with the skills they’ll need to recognize the signs of social isolation or depression among their peers and do something about it. The intended goal of this program is to prevent social isolation and to build a school community where everyone feels valued and a part of. We want to empower students to have the awareness and skills necessary to recognize social isolation and intervene when they can.


LTM Heroin Awareness: 7th Grade, Lakeview 

Heroin use is on the rise in DuPage county and is an incredibly addictive drug. According to the LTM Foundation, the summer between 8th grade and freshman year is a common time that students try heroin for the first time. By adding this program to the drug education already in place, students and parents will be exposed to firsthand accounts from people whose lives have been impacted by heroin use.


2016 Grants Awarded

Making STEAM with the First Grade:  Becky Hull, Elizabeth Ide

Hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts will be explored by setting up 5 different experiments in each of the 5 first grade classrooms. Students will have lanyards around their necks keeping track of which experiments they have completed, and will rotate through the classrooms.

Alternative Seating for Improved Learning:  Janet Oliver, Elizabeth Ide 

Studies show that motion helps a large range of learners.  Three types of alternative seating options will total 14 in each second-grade classroom, exploring the effect that motion has on all levels of learners, helping a large variety of children to learn more, faster.

Lexia for Third Grade:  Melissa Mandru, Prairieview

One of the stations in daily reading block is word work. The team has tried many different variations for this station, none of which are meeting the needs of all students while also being engaging. The Core5 Lexia program will meet these needs.  It is a computer based program that will level students to fit their learning.

Robert Crown and Fifth Graders: Tracy Spakausky, Prairieview

The fifth-grade team has observed the need to recommence trips to the Robert Crown Center for Health.  Student education in the area of puberty and changes in the body of a 10/11-year-old is an important topic and the teachers feel that boys and girls should be taught in a safe environment with educated experienced instructors that can handle the lecture and questions in a knowledgeable and mature way.

2015 Grants Awarded

CDC Science Ambassador Program: Kari Gemmel, Lakeview

During the week long workshop in July, Kari worked alongside fellow educators from various parts of the nation, epidemiologists and public health officials at the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta to gain knowledge and create unit plans that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. She will use this knowledge to expose students to public health, increase their science literacy, and ignite interest in the field of epidemiology and public health.

Perfecting the Circle: Parents Promoting Cooperative Learning Through Literature:
Gina Nessling, Elizabeth Ide

“Literature circles are an effective literacy strategy that combines the principles of cooperative learning, independent reading, and group discussion.” Parents will be brought in and trained through the fall to facilitate these group discussions throughout the rest of the year. The result is engaging families in ways that improve learning and support parent involvement at home and school.

iFly Education Program: Liz Schwenkel, Lakeview

A hands-on application into the study of physics of gravity and motion. Throughout the course of the year, eighth Grade students will explore gravity and motion, the velocity of falling objects, acceleration due to gravity, how mass effects the inertia of falling objects, terminal velocity and air resistance. They will then take part in the iFly program, which includes pre and post activity discussions, demonstrations, experiments, and flight. These concepts will also be applied later in the year in STEM class.

National History Day at Lakeview: Jake Little, Lakeview

Every seventh grader experiences historical thinking, research and analysis at a level beyond anything done in the traditional classroom for History Fair. This program creates ‘student historians’. Students will visit libraries and museums downtown, and do research they cannot do on-line or during field trips. Further, there will be two weekend research days and three evenings where local historians and research librarians will be brought in.


2014 Grants Awarded

Listen to Learn

A partnership between District 66, the PTO and TEAM 66 to maximize the effectiveness of technology in our classrooms.

-District 66 has set a goal of 1:1 technology

-The PTO purchased Chromebooks for the entire Seventh Grade

-TEAM 66 purchased headsets for each Chromebook to create a more independent and personal learning experience

Keeping Students Engaged

“Identifies potential district-wide STEM practices and plans for implementation across disciplines…”

-TEAM 66 purchased 4 iPads, cases, screen protectors, headsets and applications for a Fifth Grade classroom

-Focus will be enhancing the ELA block with the addition of targeted technology

Literacy Nights at Ide

An investment in the theory that the benefits of parental involvement in the learning process are overwhelming. Literacy Nights are three separate nights for the parents of students at Elizabeth Ide to come to workshops hosted by the teachers. The first workshop focuses on the introduction of The Daily Five, and techniques for parents to reinforce it at home for any and all learning levels. The literature used in the first night will come from the future guest author, Aaron Reynolds. The second night will be after conferences, and the format will be breakout sessions, with teachers using conference time to identify for parents which breakout sessions will be most beneficial for their particular students. The third night guest author Aaron Reynolds will visit Elizabeth Ide.

-TEAM 66 purchased four complete sets of books by Aaron Reynolds, one for each grade level and one for the library.

-TEAM 66 sponsored the cost of the author’s visit.


Information & Application for District #66 Staff

TEAM 66 Grant Presentation

TEAM 66 Grant Application Guidelines 

TEAM 66 Grant Application Rubric

TEAM 66 Grant Application (online form) 

TEAM 66 Grant Outcomes and Measures Template

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